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GodSpell on Broadway - Revisited and Updated - A Review

Thanks to the folks behind Godspell on Broadway, I had two tickets to see and review the play and let my readers know all about it. Since my friend Rich and is a self professed "Spellhead" I sent him and my friend Kristin in my place.  Who better to write a review on Godspell than someone who considers this his favorite musical?! I was eager to hear what they thought considering they are both massive musical fans.

They emailed me when they first got there with a photo and a "Wow, we are in the fourth row! We can't believe we are here!"

They also sent me this picture by text.

which made me suddenly sorry, I wasn't with them.

After the initial picture text there were these quotes:

"Row G Orch....kind of swooning sensation..."
"New arrangements, new, fitting harmonies and glorious updated surprises. Laid back, chilled out, yet pulsing with energy. Had such a wonderful time enjoying my favorite show. I am a Spellhead!"
"Jesus opening monologue cut which I thought was odd but then...oh yes...and then an acapella "rock a pell ahd" prologue. goosebumps..."
I didn't talk to them after because I really wanted to read what they thought in review form. So without further ado, I give you Kristin and Rich!

We are so excited to talk to you about Godspell! Here is our review of this legendary musical!

"Come sing about love!" at the Circle in The Square Theatre.

The revival of "Godspell" has Stephan Schwartz returning to his first Broadway show and the street that made him a legend.

The Circle in The Square Theatre welcome you to a warm, intimate theatre in the round setting. It's the perfect venue. The audience from start to finish is one with the stage, complete with cushioned pillowed areas for patrons to lay on at the apron of the circle.

The current revival finds the perfect balance, combining the classic heart of "Godspell" with a modern day spiritual, light-worker intellect. "Godspell" has evolved including some new lyrics with interesting and beautiful vocal and musical arrangements. The most interesting of which is the "Tower of Babel" prologue reworked into a "rockapella" style.

Hunter Parrish and Wallace Smith stand out in the lead roles portraying Jesus and John the Baptist with heartfelt truth and realism.

The ensemble displays tremendous vigor and vocal stamina in the retelling of the parables and messages based on the Gospell according to St. Matthew.

Even the well know number "Day by Day" is injected with a rush of adrenaline and rock energy by the exuberant cast. The finale displays a perfect medley of "Beautiful City", "Save the People" and "Prepare Ye".

Though the set design is sparce, vibrant colors come to life by bold costume design. Some audience participation keep those in the theatre circle on their toes!

We are confident this revival will have a long run. It's spectacular use of modern day news as its daily message is one that should be experienced by a whole new generation. 

Raise your spirit and come sing about love at "Godspell".

Wow, that is incredible and I am so proud of my friends. Thanks for sharing guys and you did such an awesome job with this as I knew you would!

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