Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Idea for the Adults On Your List

Originally I wanted the title to read Stocking Stuffer Idea for EVERYONE on your list but quickly realized my kids were only interested in it when I pointed things out to them. They are 6 & 8, what do they know....this book is so adorable and will have your rummaging through your childhood photos to see what you can come up with.

Have you ever thought about recreating one of your favorite childhood photos as an adult? Thousands of people worldwide have been inspired to do just that, and now the best of the best of these amazing photo pairs are in the book "Young Me, Now Me."


Open to any page in Young Me, Now Me and you’ll see a cherished childhood snapshot alongside a brilliant reproduction taken decades later. Nothing is overlooked in these amazing photo pairs—family members have been rounded up in the same spot in the old backyard, special clothes have been sewn to match kiddie outfits, poses and facial expressions are perfectly replicated, and, if needed, spaghetti sauce is smeared from cheek to cheek to imitate the explosive lunchtime of a happy baby. While these efforts at accuracy are impressive and often hilarious, the amazing thing is what people didn’t do—change. No matter how many years passed between the old and new photos, you can still see that same curve of the smile, angle of the face and look in the eyes. Here is the thread connecting years ago to now.

Featuring 70 then-and-now full-color photographs and heartwarming tales of unforgettable memories about love, friendship and family, this book is a gift everyone will enjoy.

The 411:
I have looked at this book at least 5 times in the past week. It is adorable and the corresponding stories sweet. My personal favorite include a grown man laying on the same blanket he laid on when he was a newborn. The same angle, the same sunlight streaming through.

My sisters and I are never all together but I would totally do this with them.

The book has been in my bag since I received it and everyone who looks through it, writes down the title and the website. It is truly a phenomenon.

We all love the effort everyone took in trying to get the exact same facial expressions and clothing. For more on this book, check out the Young Me, Now Me website. By the way, don't blame me if you find yourself spending way too much time there. I couldn't help it either!

Any idea which photo you would reenact?

To purchase:

Look for this book and others on my Holiday Gift Guide.

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  1. That website IS addictive!!! Very cool idea.


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