Sunday, November 06, 2011

Attack of the Photo Memes - Nov 6, 2011

Goddess wasn't happy to take down our Halloween decorations. She LOVES Halloween and most of the decoration are up since the first week of September because we know how much she enjoys it all.

My public library holds a Collection Corner for anyone who wants to share their collection with the community. My kids have been on the list for a year and we finally were able to display Handsome's Wiggle Collection.

Because of his age (8) we decided to call it Handsome and Goddess' collection. Back in the day, Handsome was very into the Wiggles. Long time readers will remember that every photo of him included a Wiggle doll. They were never far away.

The collection will soon be heading to storage but I want to share the pictures of them standing in front of the display.

This past Friday the kids were able to wear their costumes to school because due to power outages, there was no school on Monday and Tuesday. So we redid Halloween. The town was torn, some feeling it was the never ending Halloween and some happy that the kids were able to hang with their friends for school Halloween parties.

The weather was awesome and the kids loved it so who am I to complain?!

That is Handsome in the Storm Trooper costume. I love the shadows behind him.

I love this shot of The Teach and Handsome. We were sitting in a wagon with a bunch of hay after picking out a pumpkin a few weeks ago. No idea what Teach is saying, but Handsome found it really funny. It was probably about my big butt or hay sticking him in the tush.


  1. Ha! Hey thanks for spending time at my blog.

  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    What a great Wiggles collection! I never have a collection cause I am always giving away everything once my daughter grows out of them.

    I love the picture of Handsome so attentive and smiling at his Dad. Beautiful!!


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