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CKR (a novel) by Dawn Scovill - Is A Wild Ride!

Chasing Kid Rock

Authored by Dawn Scovill

After his wife kicks him out of the house, 40-year-old Ted Seever doesn't think going to the Daytona 500 with his two, philandering best friends is a good idea. When the girl of his dreams turns up on the trip, his situation grows all the more desperate.

From the city streets and back roads of Palm Beach County to Orlando and Daytona and back, Ted struggles to save his marriage and make sense of his predicament, all the while wishing he could be more like his rock idol, living the life he's always wanted. If only he could convince his wife to go for it...

In My Honest Opinion:
Wow! I read this in one night and had to keep reminding myself that it was in fact, written by a woman.

When we first meet Ted, he is being interviewed by a newspaper reporter. Only one problem, he is preoccupied with life. His wife left him and his friends are excited about their yearly 500 trip. Ted was excited too after all, he and his two friends Jimmy and Alex have been doing this since High School where they get a little laid, get a little high and get a little drunk. Things are still the same except, they are all grown up with responsibilities. After Kate leaves him, Alex believes this may have something to do with the 500 since he can't think of anything he has done wrong. He says this will be his last and heads out reluctantly with his friends all the while, looking forward to the Kid Rock concert that he is hoping his wife will be at.

The guys spend a lot of time drinking and partying eventually meeting some woman. The guys hook up, including Ted! Micah is a powerful, beautiful, enticing woman. Ted tries to be the faithful husband, but what's a guy to do when she continually throws herself at him. What' a guy to do? How can he resist?

I spent a better part of the book wondering if he would get Kate back after his affair? Sounds like a chicks book which is the best part of it. This book can totally be read by couples. I loved reading from the guys perspective; the relationship of Ted and his guy friends, what they think, and how they act when their woman aren't around.

While I didn't consider this book too sexy, I feel the need to let my readers know that there is sex in it. In fact, there is lots of guy talk, mostly of of sex and threesomes. There is also use of the shhh..."f" word!

Dawn claims this to be a Redneck fiction book and I can see that, but also, it is a good, entertaining, quick read with a splash of Kid Rock references (he does make an appearance in the story). I found myself completely hoping that bad luck Ted comes out on top!

If you like to read, or if you don't this is a great book and...well...reading is fundamental so pick up CKR, you may just find out you actually like reading.


  1. Thank you, again, Maria. XO -- I realize this book's not for everyone. I wrote it with two people in mind: My husband and Kid Rock. When I started it, neither of them had ever read a book. I wanted to give them something they'd relate to and enjoy, to chip away the fear of reading. The bigger goals are to (a) get more men to read and (b) get couples talking HONESTLY about their relationships. My husband and I have been married 21 years, and the U.S. divorce rate makes me sick. People give up too easily. We'd be better off if more of us were like Ted. ;)

  2. great to Hear something about the former sex columist from florida :) i live in Geogia and have heard lots about her :) Kudos :)


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