Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Truth About Angels DVD Review

In My Honest Opinion:
This is one of those movies you will either love or hate. When we first meet Pablo we see a dad coming home from work and excited to see his baby. The sink is full of dishes, a tired mom is trying to feed a tired baby and she is unhappy. She asks Pablo to run a bath for the baby, he asks "can I just catch my breath?" Mom explains she has been up since 6:00 am and needs a break too and heads off to run the bath herself. Pablo receives a call from his oldest friend Kane and heads out in a limo for the night. He is excited about the prospect of an exciting evening and leaves his tired wife at home.

In Kane's exciting world, we see drugs, sex, money, beautiful woman, etc. Pablo runs into a mysterious woman named Kristi, Dree Hemingway who entices him to follow her. He does.  Suddenly he is in poppa mode taking care of her when she becomes unconscious. We don't know if she is drunk or has been drugged but he settles her and heads out to get help.

We see her unconscious body being raped (disturbing) by a Kane's sidekick Ben G. Pablo punches Ben and Ben tells him she came here for this. Once again Pablo is taking care of her. She falls out of the tub and hits her head and is bleeding. When he explains to Kane that they need to find an ambulance Kane explains that they can't call because it will hurt his career and end Pablo's marriage. Pablo is torn and eventually is forced to leave. The end of the party is as disturbing as it gets and we see how society is so dumb to the fact that we are all people and what is right and wrong.

The life that Pablo thought was so bad suddenly seems quite the opposite and we are left to watch Pablo cry over his sleeping daughter. Did Pablo need to see such derelict behavior to appreciate what he had? Are people really so desensitized that they could simply step over the body of a girl and go on with their lives without ever thinking about it again?

The movie was shot in 13 nights which is rather impressive and the acting is quite good. The religious undertones of the movie are there and I enjoyed the Greek names sprinkled throughout the party.

I found the movie even more interesting when I heard that the director and the actor who plays Pablo are married and wrote the movie after their daughter was born and worried about raising her in Los Angeles and the Entertainment world.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy from Indican Pictures for my honest opinion.
Pablo's cleansing at the end when he finally understands the harsh realities his daughter will have to face in this world made me want to cry for his rebirth!

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  1. I saw the trailer and it was not interesting for me, but i read your blog and now i am very interesting about the movie



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