Sunday, July 03, 2011

Zhu Zhu Ice Cream Social

This past week we hosted a Zhu Zhu Ice Cream Social to celebrate the end of the school year. This was also appropriate because this month is National Ice Cream month.

My kids were so excited to host and see their friends after three days of being off. When you are a kid, three days is a long time.

Thanks to Mom Select and Zhu Zhu we were given the opportunity to review and give out some Zhu Zhu's to our friends whose parents alone have been keeping the Zhu Zhu name alive and well in the stores near me. Whenever they come to a party at my house, they end up heading out that same week, to grab the latest and greatest that their kids played with at my house. Their Zhu Zhu collections are as big as mine.

What you have to love about Zhu Zhu is how they are constantly changing and updating their products. What will they come up with next. The Princess Castle came out before Prince William married Kate, now the ice cream shop and ice cream truck came out during the month when we consume the most ice cream. I am hoping for a school bus and school next.

The kids attached the Ice Cream shop to the Castle and waited for their friends. We were going to bring the whole shabang up but decided against it for time and space.


When the kids came, they were asked their favorite colors and were given pets closest to their favorites. Everyone including the moms were happy with the new colors and the ice cream truck got rave reviews because it plays music.


The kids enjoyed playing with all the Zhu Zhu's and having them order ice cream at the ice cream shop. They even pulled in their Littlest Pets to play too.


This little guy was taking orders at the window. The hat comes with the shop as well as the umbrella table in the background and stickers for ice cream flavors.


What we love the most about the Zhu Zhu's is how cute they are. We love the colors, the names, and how the interact with their surroundings. Very lifelike. In fact, so life like that one of my friends kids was watching TV when he noticed a Zhu Zhu Pet under the TV stand. It wasn't until it started running away that he realized his hamster had gotten out of the cage.

We highly recommend Zhu Zhu and look forward to the next addition to our Zhu Zhu collection.

Disclaimer: We received products to review and give to our party guests from Zhu Zhu through a campaign through Mom Select.

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  1. Those are the cutest Zhu Zhus yet! I love the ice cream truck.


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