Saturday, July 09, 2011

Camera Critters - Farm Visit

Camera Critters

Before school ended, I was able to go on a school trip with Handsome. It was such a great time spending the day with him. Fortunately, as a work from home mom, I am at the school often, and know most of the kids for many years. I loved it! It was nice to be there, take photos, sit with them for lunch and then be able to send their parents pictures when I got home so they could enjoy their kids having fun too.



Handsome petting a pig


  1. Ponies.... AAWWWWWW!!!!!

  2. Nice pictures! - and a good thing for the kids to have contact with animals.

  3. oh my! those are pretty adorable...:)

  4. Those are the cleanest looking farms animals I have ever seen, even the pig! lol I love how Handsome is petting him with just one finger, like he's not so sure about the situation.


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