Friday, August 06, 2010

New From My In-Box

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Sex is very important in a healthy, loving relationship. Check in with The Love Doctor on a website called Good In Bed for your guide to a better sex life!  

In a recently launched forum The Doctor Is In!” Presented by K-Y Brand  is providing unprecedented access for free to some of the most recognizable sexual health and relationship doctors from TV and magazines to help empower couples with the tools and know-how to enjoy the best possible intimate connection at any stage.  

The site offers weekly featured topics by the “Doctor on call,” as well as the opportunity to start your own anonymous thread and receive personalized advice from our panel of experts, including those recognizable from the TODAY Show, Oprah, Glamour, FOX News, etc. like Dr. Gail Saltz, Dr. Hilda Hutcherson and Dr. Logan Levkoff. 

So feel free to discuss your questions anonymously.  You know you want to ask!


  1. Wow--there are some VERY interesting topics on that forum. I could spend hours reading!

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Wow!! You always have the best info for this topic.

  3. What a great resource for women. Many women, myself included, are afraid to ask questions of professionals for fear of looking either stupid or perverted, so this is a terrific place for us to get answers.
    Thanks for the information!


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