Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

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Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions
Do you Twitter or Facebook?
I do both. Facebook was addictive for the first two weeks. Now, I go on with my brand new pink blackberry to see everyone's updates but that is about it. The Twitter thing,'s a good way to get my giveaways advertised.
What are you looking most forward to this summer?
I guess I am looking forward to spending time with my children and my kids at the lake. It is a great time for my kids and I love seeing my son and husband play in the water.

What is the easiest thing you fixed for dinner this week?
Mini shell pasta with cut green peppers, red beans, red onions, escarole, Chorizo and grated cheese. It was awesome. (I should have taken a picture)

Midnight Snack
What are you envious about right now?
I try not to spend much time being envious of anything.

Recipe of the Week (instead of your recipe for life what is it just for the week?)
Choose happiness and you will be happy!

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  1. What’s something you will not eat unless you also have ketchup? Nope. I like ketchup but I can live without it.
  2. What’s something you will not drink unless it is served on ice cubes? No! I am not that difficult.
  3. What’s something you will not eat unless it is served between slices of bread? No! Geez are there really people who are this difficult?
  4. What’s something you will not drink unless you have a straw? Geez. Ummm...nothing.
  5. What’s something else you will not eat except under very specific circumstances? I am an easy person, not very high maintenance. However, I do know people who are extremely difficult. They like what they like and that's it. That's cool but it just seems like too much work.

Thanks for participating, and have a yummy weekend!

1. I grew up thinking that I was going to marry Bo Duke (John Schneider) from Dukes of Hazard.

2. Friday 5 was the last website I was at before coming here.

3. Why don't you just answer the question!

4. Blogging helps me relax.

5. Thanks for the memories, dah dah, dah dah.

6. The News can be very off-putting.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing nothing, tomorrow my plans include taking the kids to the dentist and Sunday, I want to sleep past 6:30 a.m.


  1. Those blossoms look beautiful against that blue sky...

    Lovely photo...

  2. Beautiful Skywatch entry!!


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