Wednesday, June 03, 2009

ABC Wednesday "T"

ABC Wednesday

"T" this week comes from "Truck" or "Truckers" at the carnival over the weekend. My kids loved this ride.


  1. At first, when I looked at the first photo I thought «A kid driving a Truck???!!!», then I saw the second! LOOL!!!

    On behalf of the ABC Team I thank you for participating and am looking forward to your next week's «U» contibution!

    Have a nice day!!!

  2. looks so cool I have never seen a ride like that can see why they love it

  3. Hahaha! I thought that steering wheel looked rather small! LOL!

  4. I'd love that one, too. Looks like it stays on the ground!

  5. Sailor Girl, did look like that.

    Shopannies, They had a blast.

    Jay, I know! It's a pint size rig! Honk, honk.

    Tumblewords, I stays on the ground but if you get dizzy, I recommend you stay off this one too. It goes around like 50 times.


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