Saturday, June 13, 2009

Self Portrait Sunday Week #4

My poor lonely Meme is in week 4 and has only had 1 participate so far. Where is she? Wahhh...

Come on, admit it, you look through your photo albums or computer folders and see very few photos of yourself. Maybe it is because, like me, you are usually behind the camera. Or maybe, it's because you never feel you look good in photos so you tell everyone, "don't take any of me."

Join me, putting up your self portrait shots every Sunday. There is only one rule. Link back to me so I can come visit you. I would really love seeing some participants so come and play.

Don't look too hard but this is natural me. No makeup, no airbrushing, no camera effects. My husband took these pictures. S

Since it is self portrait, and I am occasionally know the drill

Check out my chins. This is one of those pictures that we usually don't post about ourselves. Sometimes we toss them because it isn't us in our best light, or we don't feel good about how we look. The reason for this meme was to say...hey..this is life. Look how happy we are all. Look how healthy we all are. Who cares if we aren't looking our picture, perfect best. In 20 years that won't matter but what will is that my children and I love each other and it shows in these pictures.

Oh, those decorations I am wearing on my shirt; made by my children in preschool! Aren't they the cutest pins. I love them.

My son and his prized light saber. Star Wars has taken over his life and it has been fun playing into his obsession.
Come on, join me.

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