Monday, June 01, 2009

Oliver's Labels Review - Keep Your Children's Clothes Out of Lost And Found

My school always has a bin at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance for those Lost and Found items. It always seems to be full and everything looks so new and well kept, I often wonder why no one is looking for the stuff. Perhaps it is difficult to look through the mess of stuff in there.

Oliver Labels is the perfect way to make sure your children's stuff is kept out of the lost and found.

There are so many designs and styles to choose from, with full color graphics. From the youngest child to well, adults (MP3 players, cameras, cell phones).

There are clothing, shoes, accessories, iron on labels, so many options for personalizing your things and making sure they stay your things.

I have put labels on my son's sweatshirts, sneakers, book bag, notebooks, sleeping bag, and more. We are going label crazy here.

Besides the labels being cool enough for even the hippest kids there is something called Found-It which can be put on all your labels. It is like a tracking device for your possessions. Found-It is Oliver's online Lost and Found service which is free of charge to all their customers. You can have the code applied to your address, phone number or email address.

In a Nutshell: Oliver's Labels are full color graphics that make it easy for everyone to know whose item it whose and to actually get your item back if it is left behind. If that is not enough Oliver Labels are eco-friendly and waterproof.

Oliver's Labels has offered to give my readers a discount of 10% discount until June 31st. Just enter code “Labeleverything” (one word).

The biggest problem with these labels will be getting your kids not to put them on everything they own.

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