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More Father's Day Gifts from The History Channel

Last week I mentioned that I had three more titles from the History Channel to watch. Here are the first two.

THE UNIVERSE: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE includes all 12 original episodes on 4 DVDs.

DEEP SPACE DISASTERS: It’s a world in which a single spark or a tiny micrometeoroid can turn a routine mission into a lethal nightmare. Explore the most dangerous aspects of space travel, from the controlled explosion of launch, to the fiery crucible of reentry and everything in between.

PARALLEL UNIVERSES: Previously considered the stuff of science fiction, some of today’s leading physicists are uncovering evidence showing what they believe are universes other than our own. Do these higher dimensions exist, and if so, how will our lives, planet and science change upon their discovery?

LIGHT SPEED: It is the ultimate constant in the universe – incredibly fast from the human perspective, yet agonizingly slow in the distance scales of space. Explore light speed and the phenomena it enables, as well the ways scientists envision breaking the “light barrier” – and if doing so could make the interstellar travel of science fiction a reality.

SEX IN SPACE: Probe the physiological, psychological, and cultural challenges of sex in space, from the act itself through birth, as HISTORY looks at how the extreme environments of space exploration might effect copulation, conception, and developing human tissues. Has space sex already happened? And will the burgeoning space tourism business lead to even more of it?

ALIEN FACES: Armed with scientific fact and a little imagination, scientists, astrobiologists and astronomers create five lines of extraterrestrial evolution, and explain how creatures on the surface of Earth can offer a helping hand to understanding life on other planets.

DEADLY COMETS AND METEORS: They helped build planets through violent collisions and may have seeded Earth with the building blocks for life. They’ve also led to mass extinction events, including one that wiped out the dinosaur. Find out why NASA is arming itself with the latest technology to pre-empt an apocalyptic attack of asteroids and comets – space rocks that could both preserve mankind and destroy it.

LIVING IN SPACE: When mankind eventually leaves the cradle of Earth and ventures into the uncharted territories of the cosmos, where, and what form, will our new homes take? How will we grow food and what will our spacesuits look like? Find out how humans will eat, travel and live…in space.

STOPPING ARMAGEDDON: An asteroid took out the dinosaurs sixty-five million years ago. Are we next? Watch as experts analyze the threat of a giant space rock wiping out civilization and explore their proposals – from a nuclear bomb to ingenious new technology – to stop such an Armageddon from happening to us.

ANOTHER EARTH: Are we alone, or is there another Earth-like planet somewhere in the universe? What’s the elusive recipe for a planet like ours? Find out how unique we are – or aren’t – in this universe filled with billions of stars and trillions of planets. How rare would life of any kind – in particular advanced life we could converse with – be on any earth-like planet we find?

STRANGEST THINGS: Scientists expose the most bizarre, mysterious and exotic things in our universe, casting their votes for the weirdest planets, stars, galaxies, moons, clouds, subatomic particles, black holes and invisible phenomenon.

EDGE OF SPACE: Travel to Low Earth Orbit, the 1,100-mile band around Earth where for $20 million any private citizen can take the vacation of their lives on the International Space Station, for a firsthand look at the dangers that lurk for anyone willing to travel to this new – and possibly final – frontier.

COSMIC PHENOMENA: Examine a variety of cosmic events that have both helped and harmed life on Earth. From the beauty of the Aurora Borealis and rainbows to the dangers of UV radiation and cosmic rays, these phenomena make life possible while threatening our existence at the same time.

BONUS FEATURES: Universe Facts and Photo Gallery

In A Nutshell: This is 9.5 hours of wonderful visuals. I love documentries but I am not typical. I found this DVD set to be not only interesting but very educational and enlightening. If you have a space nut, on your gift list. This is a must have for your DVD collection. My favorite part is the Aurora Borealis section. Seeing this with my own eyes is on my bucket list.

The History Channel, is offering this DVD for 25% less right now. Order here.

Next up, the Prehistoric Collection from Dinosaurs to the Dawn of Man DVD!

Wow, I had not seen this yet and it was amazing.

THE PREHISTORIC COLLECTION includes four best-selling releases: JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB, PREHISTORIC MEGASTORMS, JOURNEY TO 10,000 B.C. and CLASH OF THE CAVEMEN. See the forces, the creatures, the battles and the disasters that shaped these tumultuous times. Aided by cinematic recreations, state-of-the-art CGI and cutting-edge archeological and anthropological research, discover a predatory world far more calculated – and complex – than once thought. Whether it’s a destructive tsunami, massive four-legged beasts, an epic brains vs. brawn battle of the cavemen, or a danger-filled hunt for food, join the struggle for survival in a long-lost time that paved the way for our world today.

Bonus Features: Jurassic Fight Club Additional Footage; Bonus Program “Mega Disasters” Episode “Asteroid Apocalypse”.

In a Nutshell: This DVD has over 17 hours of prehistoric history. The CGI affects were so cool. I really loved this set. So far it has been my favorite to review. Even my kids loved watching this one!

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