Sunday, July 13, 2008

Manic Monday - Bugs Me

Mo's Manic Monday must be reading my mind. For the last 2 months I have taken some pictures of bugs found on my deck. I figured eventually I would come up with a post and today's Manic Monday is the day.

Ok people, what the hell are these? No, seriously...what the...

The first one was taken June 3rd. It fell, I am assuming from a tree or perhaps it taste so bad that a bird dropped it after pick up.

It hit the deck hard and my son's speech therapist and I both walked over from different locations to get a closer look. I dashed (love that word - never get to use it) inside and grabbed the camera. I really wish I had taken a better picture but it was so weird I didn't want to get closer.

It was very large about 2 1/2 inches long and was actually quite pretty for a bug. It was very black and had some interesting white circles on it's body. The two biggest look like eyes.

The second bug was spotted on June 10th flying around my screened gazebo. It was the biggest bug I have ever seen. The tail looked to be about 8 inches long and was scary. It took an aweful lot of bug spray to bring this sucker down. He is lying in pool water and spray and on his last breath.

The third one is your everyday dragonfly...but I loved how close he allowed me to get. If only I had a better macro on my digital..hint, hint honey...birthday in a month.

The last bug is a strange looking spider. He was making a web on my kids sandbox umbrella when I spotted this sucker.

I am a bug phobic and really, really hate them. I love in the woods and mostly stay under the gazebo but they get in.

If anyone knows what the heck I am looking at, but most importantly if they are deadly in any way...I would appreciate the heads up.


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    wow, great shots of the bugs--very threatening!! Happy Monday.

  2. I'm not bug-phobic, but I'm glad I'm not a bird because I would never, ever be able to eat one. :P

    Love the dragonfly.
    And the big spider.

  3. Wonderful bugs. That big thing is remarkable.

  4. EEEWWWWWWW. I hate bugs. Happy Monday.

  5. I love bugs.
    The bug with the big eyes is a beetle - probably one that scavenges under bark or leaf debris and the big eyes deter bugs from taste testing.
    The second looks like a parasitic wasp, although I've never seen one that large. Parasitic wasps eat other insects, and are totally harmless to humans. They lay their eggs on the soft bodies of other insects, like caterpillars, and then their larva burrow into the caterpillars and eat their host from the inside out!
    Of course dragonflies are lovely - hope you didn't use any bugspray on it!
    The little spider looks like a jumping spider to me. Probably if you scared it, it would jump away to safety.
    Those are my guesses for your bugs!
    Thanks for participating in Manic Monday!
    Manic Mo

  6. Anonymous11:18 PM

    OMG, the one with the huge eyes freaks me out completely!!! Eeeewwww...

  7. Teg, Thanks so much and I totally agree.

    Janna, TU for checking out my bugs. Poor birds.

    Jamie, I guess remarkable is a good word to describe that bug.

    Sandy, I'm with you babe.

    Mo, You and my daughter. I always tell her "someone has to." Thanks for the information and no, we let the dragonfly go. Most everything is let go as long as it stays out of my general gazebo area. My husband just mentioned the other day, "when have you ever been around so many bees and not been stung?"

    CWM, Thank you for checking out my MM. The place were the wings are attached totally grosses me out.

  8. Oh! Oh! Creepy crawlies! *shivers*

    I have no idea, but is it bad of me to say I'm glad they're at your house and not mine? (Maybe I'm a big of a bug-phobic too!)

  9. My boy would love this post, and would be happy to pay you a house call to inspect those bugs. My untrained eye thinks they are all bugs to stay away from except for the dragonfly and the first one. I think the first one is a harmless click beetle. If you flip those on their back, they click and pop upright again. Hours of fun. But they probably hate you for it...


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