Monday, July 07, 2008

Heads Or Tails - O

Heads or Tails prompt this week is "O" or anything starting with the letter "O"

O, well that just conjures up all kinds of good warm feelings but I will not go there right now.

I am going with the movie/musical Oliver from 1968. I have always loved the music from this movie although I am not sure why. Most of the songs are just dark and sad, but maybe that is precisely why.

It is an adaptation of a Charles Dickens tale which I have always wanted to read but never quite found the time.

Oliver is an orphan who gets sold to an undertaker because he asked for more food at the orphanage. He sings a song about his mother and love after being locked into the room with the caskets which breaks my heart even more now that I am a mother.

He runs away and runs into the Artful Dodger (side note: played by Jack Wild who was in H.R. Puffenstuff-I always found this so exciting as a kid. Hey that's Jimmy from H.R. Puffenstuff.) who brings him to Fagin, a sort of father to lost boys. Fagin has a wonderful way of turning young kids into thieves.

The movie, not really a kid movie (I watch many times before I was 11) featured, child abuse, thievery, prostitution, murder and a self inflicted hanging.

Oliver won 5 Oscars in 1969. It was a work of art and the songs were beautiful.

Where is Love, Who Will Buy, I'll Do Anything, and As Long As He Needs Me are all beatifully written, heart felt songs.


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Great HoT entry!!

    I remember watching Oliver many times as a child and I must admit most of those themes went right over my head.

    My entry is about Old but really age is a number, isn't it?


  2. I've never read the book or seen the movie. I'd better get with it.

  3. how i wish i could also watch oliver.

    here's my HOT! hope you can drop by. thanks.

  4. I love this musical! I remember watching it as a child, too. Now as a parent I don't want my kids watching it until they're much older!

    Great O entry :)

  5. I knew actually saw the movie, but we read the book in high school.

  6. That was a great topic for HoT! I like that movie. And I remember H. R. Puffinstuff, too.

  7. great post of ur O. nice movie of Oliver...

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  8. Incredibly, I have never seen Oliver. I need to catch up with my childhood, I think.

    Happy HoT!

  9. FABULOUS!!!! I truly love your choice for "O" this week. I'm a great fan of musicals, and this one is on my top ten. Also, love Oliver Twist [I just finished reading a biography of Dickens this past week!]

  10. Great choice. I love musicals and Oliver is one of my favorites.

  11. Bevis, Age is just a number, turning 42 this year and still act like I am in my 20's.

    Maisie, It really is a classic.

    Milette, Sometimes AMC has it on. Hope you enjoy it.

    Alison, I feel the same way about Annie. Watching it with my kids last summer I thought maybe it wasn't a great choice. I know that most topics were over there head but it still felt weird to sit with my kids while Ms. Hannigan threw herself at a police officer and drank. Yuck!

    Tammy, if you like musicals check out Oliver it is worth it.

    Forgetfulone, So glad to hear that you remember H.R. Puffenstuff. Sometimes my sisters and I feel like we are the only ones who watched that and the Bugaloos.

    Picoflife, Thanks for visiting. I will be stopping by.

    Smarmfoous, It might be a good thing that you didn't watch this movie as a child.

    Anni, I am totally going to pick up Oliver and read it. Dicken's must have been an interesting bio.

    Linda, Totally agree with u on this. It was a great musical.

  12. I love Oliver!

    You're right. The music is amazing.

    Mine's up at:


  13. Anonymous2:41 PM

    My son was in the play Oliver here in our town. It holds a special place in my heart.

  14. Anonymous2:50 PM

    good choice for this week. Amazing to be how much HR Puffenstuff has been resurfacing in my life lately. maybe not amazing, may be a little scary.

  15. Yeah! Oliver! My youngest daughter played Nancy in her school's production of it when she was in 6th grade. One of the finest Nancy's ever!


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