Friday, October 21, 2005

Night Out???!!!

So tonight was my fourth night out without kids in 6 months. Imagine! So what is a stay-at-home mom with no spending money to do on a night when Mr. Mom is watching the kiddies? Why head over to a At Home America party to check out all of the beautiful things she can't buy of course. They do have really beautiful things are very decent prices by the way. Christmas is in like 12 weeks or something people and I will take anything from those catalogs if you are buying.

So while there I had some crudites, little wienies, chips, and a glass of wine. Then threw some pastry down my throat accompanied by a steaming hot cup O Joe. Damn where did I leave that before I left? I hope I threw it out and didn't just leave it sitting there.

Got home, both kids sleeping one on the couch, one on the love seat. Husband is camped out on the Wiggle couch watching Sahara and I actually get to post a blog. Kids sleeping since I left, doesn't it just figure? Life is good.

At Home America Party Pic - Friends from Mom and Tot Group

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  1. They really do have some nice stuff.

    I must admit that I thought Sahara; the little bit I saw of it actually sucked. Seal may have another opinion.


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