Monday, October 17, 2005

Mr. Mom - You Go Boy!

Tonight I hit the supermarket with some cash, flyer and coupons. I made a killing, tons of food and saved $66.00. Niiicee!! I even got a little applause from the rest of the folks on line.

I get home and "the Teach" who was hanging with the kiddies tells me "shhhh" as he opens the door for me. Imagine this, this kids are asleep. It's only 8:00 p.m. and they are sleeping. Crazy.

He said, "call me the baby whisperer." Ok, so no one is in pj's and they are both crashed in the living room but hey, they are sleeping. I need to leave him with them more often. Maybe I will attend that chick party (boring, house party thingy) on Friday.

 The saddest part of it all; this is the first time my Handsome went to sleep in all of his 29 months when I wasn't around to get a kiss good-night. The girl will be up for a feeding any time now. I think I should make some tea, pop in a General Hospital/Oprah tape and enjoy the moment. Good job honey! Mwwahh.

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