Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween


  1. Litle Devil... too funny!!!

  2. Mamalife - She truly is a little devil. There was never a more fitting outfit for any little girl.

    Mel - Thanks so much. They are cute.

    Tuesday Girl - Thank you so very much.

  3. Such CUTE kids!
    Halloween is so fun when you've got the little ones to dress up huh?

  4. Kelly, Thanks so much. Halloween will hopefully get more fun as they get older, now it is cute but oh so much work. But they did look adorable.

  5. My little monsters joined in with a group of kids from highschool and 'grade school' for halloween. There were 6 witches in there somewhere, and one was mine. I dressed up as a horrible green faced witch and dealt out candy bags for 19 kids. So much fun yet here in Australia its not a well celebrated custom. You all look to be having so much fun I wish I lived next door to scare all of you lol

  6. Awww..that would have been fun. I wish you lived next door too. We don't have many adults dress up. I will have to send you pics from the year we decorated the house. Joe made a life size coffin with lights and a skeleton and hung a big dude from a tree. That was the year Jesse was born or the year before I can't remember. I guess your little ones (big ones) had a good time. Dressing up is always fun.


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