Monday, October 24, 2005

Cute Things Kids Say

Tonight my girlfriend called me to check up on me after a particularly crazy kid day. I was ready to check out numerous times today. It was the worst day yet with my two kiddies. The 6 month old is always high maintenance and refuses to be put down and the 2 year old has a cold and since he is feeling miserable has decided that everyone else should be miserable too.

She told me that her 2 year old baby boy had come out of her closet wearing her high heels and exclaimed, "I'm the man!" Where the hell do they get this sh*t from???

Thanks for the support and the laugh T! You are a true friend.


  1. She did! Imagine?! How funny!

    Pay it forward. I am always here for you babe! I've got your back

  2. I'm more worried that he copied his father.....gotta wonder hey..too funny


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