Thursday, March 02, 2023

Be Their Safe Space

This weekend I had a conversation with a friend. She is going through some things and was saying that she wished that her current boyfriend who she is having a great time with would buy her a house so she could escape her family's home. She just wants to get out from her parents' house. I tried to tell her that she should want to make her own way. When we count on people to be there for us, we are often times disappointed, find ourselves in situations we have a hard time getting out of or just feel stuck. I reminded her that she is in a new relationship and that life has a way of making us think we are on a certain path and then detouring. She is smart, beautiful and has her life in front of her. 

Why do we all allow ourselves to feel we have found our forever? I believe it is because we are all looking for that safe place to fall. We all just want someone to tell us we are special enough for them. That we are their person because deep down we feel like we are not enough. I have tried to let me son and daughter know that they are special without making them think they are better than anyone else. 

I do daily affirmations with my class and one of them is "I am not better than anyone else." also "No one is better than me." It is an important message. 

Maybe if we raised our sons and daughters to know they can do anything they want. There is nothing they are not capable of. Give them a safe place to fall where they know their mistakes are things that happen but don't define them as well as letting them know that we want them to fly and live their lives in a safe space but will always be there if they ever feel themselves falling, they will not be in a rush to get love, adoration or even escape the safe place they have right now. 

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