Friday, March 17, 2023

Easy, Fun App To For Photos and Videos - Prequel


Prequel offers over 2000 AI effects. Visual filers and templates. 
Why should the Kardashians have all the fun with their filters? I loved changing my face to suite the standards of beauty but more fun than that was changing my preschool kids into anime. This app kept them busy for at least 45 minutes until we had to get the bus. Everyone loved watching their photos change. 

         With this easy to navigate app any user can personalize their content with amazing results. Yes, there are amazing other apps out their that you can learn if you have the time to sit, research, play, but honestly in our busy life I need easy and quick results.  

Here is my photo done three different ways.

I animated a photo of my daughter

These photos of the kids are perfect. They loved them and we especially love that it changes the background and their clothing based on the AI you choose. Each one of them downloaded the Prequel onto their tablets and phones. 

If you love playing with editing apps or need an easy to use and learn editing program for your socials, this is the one. I highly recommend it.

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