Tuesday, May 25, 2021

My Life In Pictures - January 19 - January 31

 January 19 - Christmas Clearance. Cost me $3.00 for these three items. You've got to love sales!!!

January 20 - Making Valentine Crafts. This was for Candy Kisses.  I just shaped carboard into a candy kiss and wrapped them in tin foil. Took a paper towel and shaped it into a heart and allowed the kids stamp their kisses however they wanted. The tag was their name. I loved it so much I will probably do it next year too.

January 21 - Soooo I had a little tummy trouble today. Called my Gastro doc who told me he would call the hospital to make sure everything was okay. After a scan all was well and I was eventually sent home! Thank GOD!

January 22 - This beautiful scene was on my way to work. I had to stop and grab a few pics. I found out later it was because of a helicopter crash with servicemen on it. 

January 23 - Journaling in my calendar. 

January 24 - Gnome day. I love making these guys!

January 25 - This cutie is done!

January 26  - We have been working on this puzzle for a few days. My boss started something where you do a puzzle, put your name on the box and pass it on. The next person does the same. For a little puzzle this was a challenge. 

January 27 - 29 - NADA

January 30 -  One of my top 10 albums! 

January 31 - Working on my class Valentine's Day gifts for the families. I love these little Love Bugs and did them last year too. I traced each foot on foam paper and cut them out. Then I used pipe cleaners for antenna and then glued a bunch of hearts for wings and decorations. Their face is the bugs and then I attach a magnet on the back. They are so cute. 

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