Sunday, May 16, 2021

Memoir By The Daughter Of A Teen Mama - Raising and Losing My Remarkable Teenage Mom by Stacey Aaronson - Book Review


 Memoir Brings Us The Extraordinary Journey of a Mother-Daughter Duo Reminiscent of 

Gilmore Girls

 When Stacey Aaronson was born, her mother, Bree, was sixteen and barely out of braces. Hastily wed to Stacey’s dad and divorced soon after, Bree raised Stacey with his and her parents’ loving support. Growing up together in an often role-reversal scenario and mistaken for sisters, Bree would come to say, “I didn’t raise Stacey. Stacey raised me.

The 411:

I read this book in two weeks. Stacey's  Mom Bree was a 16 year old teenager exactly the same age as my own daughter. As an older mom I found the story very interesting but sad at times. I had my first at 36 and my second at 38 and cannot imagine the kind of mom I would have been had I been as young as Bree. 

Bree and Stacey grew up together with Stacey something feeling as if she were the parent. Bree often looked for Stacey to be her plaything and eventually her friend.  As Stacey grew up the role reversal was more obvious especially in the story with Bree wanting her daughter to stay home from school so they could play and Stacey saying she needed to go to school. 

I imagine growing up at times must have felt very confusing with Bree falling for man after man or at least to me that was how it felt. Each new relationship changed the dynamic of mother and daughter depending. Move in with mom, move out and in with dad all depending on the situation. It made me sad for Stacey at times but Stacey appeared to take it in stride and their relationship seemed very solid, loving and respectful of each other. 

The short chapters made the story feel very free and real.  I enjoyed reading about Stacey's relationships with the other adults in her life and eventually her and her mother's reconnection as Bree becomes ill.  Definitely a touching book. 

A Mother/Daughter bond was exactly what I prayed for losing my own mom when I was 12. Thankfully I have an amazing bond with my now 16 year old and while I keep waiting for the moment it changes because I am so certain it has to this story gave me hope! I know she has to live her life and I want that for her but hopefully we are as close as Bree and Stacey.

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