Saturday, May 08, 2021

A Guide for Homeowners: How to Get Year-Round Enjoyment Out of Your Sunroom



Do you wish you could spend more time in your sunroom? This residential add-on is far too expensive to be used only when the sun is shining, which is why you should go above and beyond to get year-round enjoyment out of it.


If you’re to open up the doors of your sunroom in the wintertime as well as the summertime, you’re going to need to make a few all-important adjustments to it.


Here are three things you must do if you want to enjoy your sunroom come rain or shine:



Consider changing the roof


Your sunroom’s roof will have a profound impact on its temperature levels throughout the course of the year. If you want to be able to use this room whatever the weather, you should consider fitting it with a tiled or slated roof. This will help to keep the space warm during the winter and reasonably cool during the summer.


Top tip of the day: when changing your roof, be sure to fit an overhang so that you have a shady outdoor area to sit in during hot summer days.



Tend to the temperature


Fitting a new roof isn’t the only important task that you must undertake in your attempt to construct a temperate sunroom. If you’re to create a comfortable and relaxing environment within this space, you also need to tend to its indoor temperature.


There are a whole host of things that you can do to perform this crucial task — you can fit underfloor heating, you can increase the room’s insulation levels, or you can even purchase a wood-burning stove. If you’re looking for an alternative heating source that is both space-efficient and cost-effective, however, you should consider investing in a packaged terminal aid conditioner (PTAC). This is a type of ductless, self-contained AC unit that is designed with efficiency in mind, which means that it won’t waste you any money or heat in the long term. You can find affordable new and refurbished PTAC units at PTAC Inc..



Fit blinds to your windows


Sitting in your sunroom during the height of summer might sound like a tantalizing proposition at the moment, but your thoughts on the matter will no doubt change come the time. During particularly hot summer days, sunrooms get hot… really hot. They trap the sun’s rays and, to most people, become unbearably tropical.


Do you want your sunroom to remain hot yet comfortable throughout the summer? If so, simply fit blinds to your windows. This will allow you to create shade in your sunroom without disrupting the aesthetic appeal of the space. It really is a win-win situation!


For advice on how to choose the right blinds for your sunroom windows, be sure to check out this helpful article on the matter.



Summer, winter, fall, spring — you should be able to enjoy your sunroom regardless of the season! Rest assured, if you put the above advice into practice, you will be able to spend time in this room come rain or shine.


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