Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Amityville Poltergeist Is Creepy And Funny


If you love horror check out Breaking Glass Pictures, AMITYVILLE POLTERGEIST available on DVD and On Demand. We follow Jim, a young man who accepts a caretakers position, but soon finds that the house is not as empty as it appears. Soon, doors begin to slam, steps begin to creep, and the house's true inhabitants come out to play...

Starring Parris Bates, Sydney Winbush (Netflix's Shrill), J. Rebecca Morse (Hawaii Five-0), and Jon Hall (TNT's Leverage), the film will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, Playstation, Vudu, FandangoNOW, and local cable & satellite providers, as well as DVD.

Calvin McCarthy

Airisa Durand

Parris Bates, Sydney Winbush, J. Rebecca Morse, Conor Austin, Jesse Sass, Airisa Durand, Jon Hall

The 411:

This movie started out with promise I mean come on two words from two movies that were cinematic cold  in my eyes. Amityville Horror and Poltergeist are two of my favorites. However, this had nothing to do with either movie and while that was a disappointment that doesn’t mean this movie wasn’t entertaining. In fact, I haven’t laughed so hard at an expected scary scene in a long time.

Jim someone with expressive eyes and I can say this because they focused on his eyes so much I could recognize them in a lineup even if I never see this dude again, takes a job as a house sitter for a woman who says things are happening in her home and her family doesn’t believe her. Jim is about to find out how right the woman is with nightmares and visions of a creepy girl. 

Besides Jim we meet his friends who honestly add nothing to the plot. They were completely unnecessary with creepy dialogue and dragged the movie a bit however there is one scene where Jim and Alyson (man I hated this girl. She was a bad friend) are in bed and he wakes. Alyson...oh never was really the best part in the movie. I laughed HARD. Let’s just leave that right there. It’s the reason to see the movie to me. Hysterical.

Anyway, all in all this is a good one time movie if this is your genre. The images although basic are creepy enough and come on...entertainment comes in many forms.



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