Monday, May 10, 2021

My Life In Pictures December 13 - December 20

December 13 - Gorgeous sunset in the winter. My daughter too this photo with my phone using her mirror. I love it!

December 14 - Lake views

December 15 - My cousin (dad's first cousin) sent me this mask out of the blue. If I ever met her I was way young and barely remember. She may have been at my mom's funeral I have no idea but it was so sweet of her to know just from social media that I am an Elf fan!

December 16 - I finally ordered curtains for my living room/dining room. They are so pretty. I never had "curtains". We always just bought some cheap thing from Walmart but I have always wanted to just never found something I loved. These make me feel so grown up. At 54 curtains are what made me feel grown up? I've got issues.

December 17 - I decided to get gifts for the assistants who spend time with me in the classroom. They were fun to make. There are a few assistants who are with me periodically so I made them a candy gift. I wasn't sure if they were good enough to give as gifts as everything was from the Dollar Tree but after asking a few outsiders who told me that they wouldn't know the gifts were only $5.00 each I decided to go with it. My regular assistant got gifts cards, socks, a cup, and ornaments (5 days of Christmas). I gave her something every day we were there that week.

December 18 - One of my class parents was so nice to give me this cookie! It was so pretty I didn't want to eat it but I DID! 

December 19 - One of the best parts of December is the movies. I love watching Christmas movies with my daughter.  I say my daughter because my son usually is playing some Xbox game in his room instead of hanging with us.  SO while Handsome didn't have with us, Our Jinxy did!

December 20 - I did a little baking this year. Nothing special but they were from scratch.

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