Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Music Lovers Check out The Music Of All Time Podcast for Candid Interviews Of Some Of Your Favorites

If you are a music lover like me you seriously need to check out the Music Of All Time Podcast. Featuring cultural icons and public figures being interviewed in a very candid and uncensored way. Uncensored is key in my world these days since we are all being censored all the time!  

Episodes so far have featured the following guests:



There have been over 300 episodes so far over the past 10 months, also featuring entertainment/music/acting icons such as The Temptations, Tito Jackson of The Jackson 5, Pixies, The Pointer Sisters, Seal, Johnny Marr, Europe, Styx, The Hollies, Earth, Wind & Fire, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kool & the Gang, Chris Rea, Foreigner, Don Felder of the Eagles, The Zombies, B.J. Thomas, UB40, Level 42, Raphael Saadiq, The Stylistics, Brooks & Dunn, Boyz II Men, ABC, Keane, Ronan Keating, 10cc, Bonnie Tyler, Luis Fonsi, Duke Dumont, Steve Harley, Dave Stewart, Gloria Estefan, Brian McKnight, John Oates, Roisin Murphy, Chick Corea, Boney M, Jon Anderson of Yes, Olivia Arben, Jeffrey Archer, Aubrey de Grey and Rose McGowan. 


We've also had political commentary from both the left and right, including Owen Jones, Alastair Campbell, Iain Dale, Dr Bandy X. Lee, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, George Galloway, Douglas Murray, James Lindsey, Tyler Cowen and Tucker Carlson.


You can watch/listen here


Starting this podcast helped me recover from a binge drinking addiction. At rock bottom my drinking had escalated to the point of consuming over 20 pints in single sessions, urinating all over myself, binge eating and putting on 30kg in excess weight, appearing drunk on national US television and sustaining serious head injuries. There is some more in depth detail on these incidents here.


So far I have listened to Bonnie Tyler, Don McLean and Tucker Carlsen and cannot wait to listen to many more.  Listening to Don McLean talk about politics and music and how since so many people no longer believe in anything or like anything, music shows that. He talks about the quality of music and there is no longer music on the radio and there being some form of "music like sound" being played but not music.  I couldn't agree more and neither can my 15 year old.  She has told me over and over that the music her friends listen to sucks and she doesn't understand why they like it. She likes many things. I hear her ask Alexa to play early Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, and so much music from the 90s. She is very into grunge and rock which makes this mama's heart very happy. She and I feel as Don does that the music is watered down and we wonder how certain things become popular.  

The next podcast I plan on listening to is BJ Thomas and John Oates. 

You can find this podcast everywhere. You Tube, Amazon, Google, iHeart Radio and more.


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