Monday, January 18, 2021

3 Ways To Reduce Heavy Workloads on Small Farms

While the general public may not recognize it, owning and managing a small farm is a lot of work. The mathematical and logistical problems involved are difficult to comprehend, and most do not realize that these problems exist. Here are three ways to help lessen your workload on your small farm.

1. Consulting

There are so many variables to keep track of that it can be impossible to account for them all yourself. In this situation, it is helpful to hire a consultant. For example, cattle breeding consulting is useful when you have so many different cows and bulls with so many different traits that you want to make sure you do not overlook anything.

2. Outsource

If you want to save money by avoiding hiring another employee, it is always helpful to outsource and delegate your work. Since a lot of the menial work on a farm is unskilled labor, teenagers and young adults from your local area will likely be willing to perform cheap labor with little training needed. Otherwise, freelance workers and agencies for all kinds of work are always available.

3. Feeding

A large chunk of your time is spent feeding livestock, but if you learn how to alter your feeding schedule, you can significantly reduce that time. Once a day feeding is a popular option that only requires you to fill feeding troughs once every day, but that can lead to livestock overeating or undereating. You have to be prepared for the changes your livestock will experience as a result.

With spring comes a heavy workload, but that inevitability does not have to mean the end of your sanity and relaxation time. As long as you prepare for your increased workload by organizing freelancers and altering feeding patterns, you will make it through the spring with minimal blows to your stress levels.

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