Friday, November 27, 2020

First Things To Do When Moving Far Away

Are you starting a new adventure by moving to a new city? If your new location is more than 100 miles away, you will need to find new resources in order to feel "at home." Before you packed your moving truck, you probably already chose your new residence and have your new job in place. So what is next?

Grocery Store

As you drive from home to work, notice the grocery stores along the way. Having a convenient location saves extra time each week as you do your shopping. If you prefer a specialty market, like organic food, then look online for the store nearest you. It is good to try two or three different markets and then decide which one feels most inviting.

Doctor and Dentist

The key to your medical health is to establish a relationship with your new caregivers before there is an emergency. Talk to your friends and family that live in the area. Ask which medical and dental services Seattle WAthey would suggest. Read some reviews online as you make your decisions. Hopefully, you can find offices that you will enjoy for many years. 

Gym Membership

Depending on your workout routine, you may need a new gym membership. Whether you swim laps, lift weights or play tennis, you will want to find that new gym to keep in shape. This will especially be important if you have moved to an area with cold and snowy winters. Running outside in icy conditions can be dangerous, so safety first!


You will probably make some new friends at work, but you will also want to develop relationships outside of the office. Some places you can meet new people are: attend religious services, community events, volunteer at the local pet shelter or school, go to the library, visit clubs, accept party invitations or talk to people you meet in the grocery store. 

Once you develop these new routines and relationships, you will feel established in your new home.


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