Monday, November 09, 2020

My Life in Pictures - June 1 - June 17

 June 1 - Out walking with my girl! 

June 2 - Getting my yearly eye exam!

June 3 - 7 - Busy busy now that I am back at work more days, I had a lot of catching up to do!'

June 8 - Snack time with my daughter. I am obsessed with this fruit cup from a local shop while she likes the fresh strawberries and homemade cream.

June 9 - 10 - NADA

June 11 - A little accident. My buddha was knocked over by a squirrel. So sad! Second time this year.

June 12 - NADA

June 13 - It's me!

June 14 - Still getting use to my new car. So many bells and whistles compared to my beloved 2004 Explorer. 

June 15 - She hates when I add her photo but I love her. Soooo

June 16 - NADA

June 17 - My girl's art!

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