Monday, November 04, 2019

My Life In Pics - Oct 1 - Oct 10

October 1 - Smore's! That is all.

October 2 - We received a box from Klutz! We haven't been this excited in a while! Look at all this fun ready to be had.

October 3 - I cannot believe I didn't have even one photo stored for this day. Just checked Amazon photos, Google Photos, Dropbox, my iPhone, Camera and iPad. UGH. NADA.

October 4 - This is some art work from Goddess' sketch book for art class. They had to draw textures from things around them. Pretty cool to me. I could never do this.

October 5 - We couldn't resist this shirt from Petsmart. Jinxy looks so cute in red!

October 6 - I fleshed out some skulls and think they came out pretty well. It was fairly easy. Shrink wrap and paint.

October 7 - My class learned how to put out a fire using a spray bottle, paint and shaving cream for Fire Prevention Week.

October 8 - NOTHING! WAH!

October 9 - How cute is this toddler hand.? The water had sparkles on it!

October 10 - Goddess and I made some lip gloss with the Klutz  Roll On Lip Gloss Studio

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