Monday, November 04, 2019

Have You Ever Had To Say Goodbye To A Beloved Pet? It Is Not Easy! This Book Might Help!

Over the past few months I have had two very good friends have to say goodbye to their beloved family pets. It is one of the hardest things you will ever do.  So I am honored to share information about this book I Will See You In Heaven, My Friend. by Danna Homan

Author Discusses God’s Plan for Animals after Life in Comforting New Book
Danna Homan’s “I Will See You in Heaven, My Friend” discusses animal rights, what happens to animals when they cross the rainbow bridge and offers comfort to bereaved pet owners

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Many may wonder if God has a plan for animals outlined in Scripture, and author Danna Homan discusses it in her new book “I Will See You in Heaven, My Friend: The Bible Tells Me So!”, written for all owners of animals to ensure them they will be able to reunite with their beloved pets again once they themselves go to heaven.

In the book, Homan uses examples and stories of the Bible to prove how valuable God finds animals and the plan he has for all animals both in life and in death. In the Bible, animals played lifesaving and soul-saving roles, as they do on earth today.

Homan has become very active in animal rescue and spends a lot of her time educating Christians about why God values animals and why God wants Christians to work to protect animal welfare. “I live in a state, Alabama, where it has become clear to me many of my legislators here think of animal rights as ‘earthly matters’. I want to change that, as animals are also creatures of God and deserve rights just as humans.”

An Amazon reviewer highly praises the book: “My mother lost her dog and was quite upset. She asked me if dogs to go heaven . . . Now I know they do and I look forward to seeing my friends again. Thank you Ms. Homan for the comfort you brought me and to many others.”

By reading “I Will See You in Heaven, My Friend”, readers are sure to find comfort in knowing they can reunite with their furry friends upon entering God’s kingdom in Heaven.

“I Will See You in Heaven, My Friend: The Bible Tells Me So!”
By Danna Homan
ISBN: 9781973656456 (softcover); 9781973656463 (electronic)

About the author
Danna Homan built a successful career in the cardiovascular medical device industry and currently manages a sales team for a Fortune 500 medical company. She lives in Birmingham, Ala. with her three rescue dogs, Sir Maxwell, Beautiful Bella and Gracie Von Happy Feet. To learn more, please visit


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