Monday, April 15, 2019

How to Make Your Beauty Routine More Glamorous

Sometimes, a little drama can be a good thing, especially when it comes to makeup. There are plenty of beauty options out there that can help make your facial features pop and create a more glamorous style. If you’re happy with your current makeup routine but are looking for a little boost, here are three ways to create a more eye-catching look.

Eyelash Extensions

Who wouldn’t love longer, fuller, curlier lashes? While most mascaras promise to deliver just that, makeup alone can only do so much by only coloring your natural lashes. A great alternative is eyelash extensions jacksonville beach fl, which can create dramatic and long-lasting results when done by a professional. These extensions can really make your eyes stand out and may help them appear more youthful.


Thick, full brows are all the rage in today’s style trends. If you’ve made the mistake of over-plucking in the past, you’re probably relying on makeup to fill in your eyebrows with results that aren’t quite convincing enough. Microblading is a relatively new technique that uses a surface level ink stain to draw on individual hairs, creating a natural looking, fuller eyebrow. The process takes a few visits but can last up to eighteen months.

Lip Plumpers

Full, pouty lips can really stand out and create a bold look. To get the results without turning to invasive procedures, use a lip plumping gloss with your favorite lip pencil and lipstick. Lip plumpers use ingredients that temporarily increase blood flow to the lips, causing the lips to swell and appear more defined. Be prepared for a tingling sensation and be sure to research the ingredients to protect against irritation and allergic reactions.
If you’re looking for wow factors without the commitment, these semi-permanent options could give you the gorgeous results you’re looking for.

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