Thursday, April 25, 2019

3 Tips to Choosing the Best Cremation Urn to Memorialize a Loved One

Losing a loved one is never easy to accept. Many choose to wallow in their grief until they finally accept the reality of their loved one’s passing. While others, on the other hand, prefer to celebrate the life lived and not dwell on what could have been.

One of the most significant decisions loved ones face in this dark time is making preparations
for the final resting place. Careful considerations are made between burial and cremation.
Based on research and price comparisons among different funeral services, cremation is more
cost-effective than a burial, as the former does not require embalming and cremation urn is
relatively cheaper than a casket and burial plot. However, there are still plenty who prefer to
bury their loved ones as it is considered as the “natural” method of passing. Burial also allows
relatives to have a gravesite or place to visit during Souls’ Day or whenever they feel they miss
their lost family.

But should you come to the time when you have to make up this painful decision, and you
choose cremation, here are some tips when choosing the best cremation urn.

1.  Set your budget.
There are plenty of cremation services that offer a wide variety of urns. This will make your
already grieving mind more confused so setting your budget early on will at least narrow
down your choices. Remember, expensive does not necessarily equate to quality. There are
plenty of materials available that do not cost too much but still give off high quality or style.

The price of urn varies based on the size and materials used. Each has its own distinct quality.
Usually, cremation urns made from metal have the lowest price, ranging from $40- $460.
Those made from wood does not stray too far from the price range as it costs more or less
around $40- $525.

2.  Pick out a resting place for the urn.
A critical factor in picking a cremation urn is deciding where it will be kept after the memorial
service. Whether you prefer to display the urn in your altar at home or buried outdoors, there
is an urn to choose from. For indoor urns, there are various elegantly decorated urns that can
beautifully complement your style.  There also plenty made from crystals or porcelain. If you
prefer to display the urn in your garden, or outdoors near your fountain, you need to choose
something that is sturdy and resilient to the changing weather of the outdoors such as a
marble or metal urn. Cremation urns can also be buried when housed in an urn vault.  So
make sure you have already decided where the final resting place will be before buying an urn.

3.  Choose the size.

Size of the urn matters as this will be the basis of the amount of ashes you will get to keep.
As such, you should keep in mind your departed loved one’s build. You may want to ask the
cremation service if there is a computation or rule to consider to ensure that the ashes will
fit the urn.

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