Monday, April 29, 2019

My Life In Photos - March 1 - March 13

March 1 - NADA

March 2 - Luna is a gorgeous cat and I love taking photos of her.

March 3 - We love our cats. My daughter and I will do anything to get one of the cats to lay down with us. Luna was loving our attention.

March 4 - Snow, snow and more snow.

March 5 - Not sure what they thought would happen but when my prism from Wish came in I couldn't wait to try it.

March 6 - Showed this photo to my daughter of our hands from when she was a toddler. She decided we should try to reenact it. I kinda like it.

March 7 - The month of February I decided to write a note on a heart every day for each of my kids up until Valentine's Day. The hearts are still there. I think they liked it.

March 8 - I took one of my empty Valentine Hears and filled it with colored paper and a matching pom-pom for my class to color match. It came out really cute and they loved it.

March 9 - I have been trying my hand at couponing. I got all this at Dollar General for under $12.00 ($11.76)

March 10 - NADA

March 11 - He did NOT want his photo taken but I try to take a pic a day and he is never in my photos. Teens UGH!

March 12 - Ahhh My girl and her friends. LOVE THEM ALL.

March 13 - We were doing a post for Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. She will hate this photo but I love it.

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