Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Photo Challenge - Day 22 - Day 28

Day 22 - The view from my deck is incredible with that winter sky. There is something about winter sunsets.

Day 23 - Luna wondering why I am home today. My son was sick so...sick day. He slept Luna stared at me on my computer.

Day 24 - Does everyone's cat sleep on the table? I find it so strange. My first cat never did this. Luna is always on the table. So annoying but who could wake that sweet face.

Day 25 - Prep U is a personal care products for teen boys.

Day 26 - We have been stuffing some envelopes for a fundraiser for animal shelter we got Luna from. Luna really really wanted to be part of this endeavor.

Day 27 - The first night out in a long long time. Work Holiday Party at the end of January is perfect. Far enough away from the holidays to feel like a night out without the stress of the holidays and all you have to get done. Had a good time with my from Clary. We were friends first now co-workers. It is a good thing to have a long time friend at your newish job. I am there since September 2016.

Day 28 - Watching Season 1 of Steven Universe on DVD with my favorite girl!

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