Saturday, February 03, 2018

Who Has A Stinky Teen?

Well, I don't have a stinky teen! He is a little obsessed with showering but I know after he comes home from school on a gym day, he so could use some extra help so I was really excited to try Prep U.

Prep U Founded by CEO and “Boy Mom” Michelle Houp are new safe, effective and age appropriate personal care products specifically designed for active boys during the transitional years of elm to high school. It is perfect for him to keep either in his gym locker or his backpack.

It’s a fact of life that boys eventually start to smell. No matter how cute or precious, as they begin to mature and their hormones change, odor caused by sweat and dirt naturally begin to cause odors of varying degrees of intensity. The idea for Prep U came from a frustrated mom of two active, smelly sons who couldn’t find a suitable solution for getting her boys clean that wasn’t a “baby” product or something that left them smelling like a couple of frat boys.

The first three products to launch will be the Prep U Body Spray, Active Dry Powder and Post-Sport Soak with additional products (Deodorant and Body wash) to launch in the next month.

We received the Prep U Body Spray and Active Dry Powder. Both are great! My son loves the size. He carries them in his backpack and uses them on gym day but yesterday I caught him applying it in his room so I of course had him reenact the moment.  I love that he actually uses it AND that it doesn't smell strong. When I was working in the middle school I used to walk through a cloud of another "boy" product on the market. It was so strong. These kids don't get the whole less is more thing.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product from Prep U. All opinions are my own.

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  1. yeah,,i have a almost 13 yr old grandson and a 10 yr old grandson,,that have to be made use products to help the smell and clean their faces,,the teen has acne i think they changed so fast body wise they dont get it that they have hormones now that make them stink


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