Monday, January 08, 2018

Take My Nose Please Available On Digital and On Demand Today January 9th


TAKE MY NOSE... PLEASE! is the acclaimed film, directed by the 89 year-old first time filmmaker Joan Kron ( A former editor at Allure Magazine for over 25 years and at New York Magazine), is a comedic point of view on women and plastic surgery, as told by female comedians including Jackie Hoffman, Emily Askin, Judy Gold, Julie Halston, Lisa Lampanelli,Giulia Rozzi and many others.

TAKE MY NOSE… PLEASE! has played a number of film festivals across the nation before hitting theaters this October including the Newport Beach Film Festival, Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, San Francisco Doc Fest and others.  The film picked up an Audience Award at the Miami Film Festival where it premiered in February, and again recently at the Berkshire Film Festival.  

The 411:

This movie is the perfect companion to the Me Too Movement going on in Hollywood right now. Woman in the film industry have been told for many, many years that if they were pretty enough they could have a career then they go and do what they were told to do, further objectifying THEMSELVES. But it is the double standard of woman and men in Hollywood that is truly sad. The fact that woman and not just woman of comedy who are smart, witty and even pretty unfortunately this is not enough "beauty is still what people want." 

The movie follows two comedians Emily Askin and Jackie Hoffman who discuss changing their nose with plastic surgeons to be more marketable and prettier.

I loved the segment with "the most beautiful girl in the world" Phyllis Diller who talks about taking that part of her that "felt ugly" would say so before "they" could. She included the feelings about herself into her act. "They can't tell me I am ugly, I have already told them I am ugly." I found her so funny as a kid. She was pretty, funny and always seemed to be having fun.

It all comes back to that age old double standard that woman get older while men get distinguished. It doesn't have to be that way and this film shows the insecurities of woman as they deal with the mind set of the men's world. I think they have forgotten that it IS NO LONGER A MAN'S WORLD and it is a mind set.  The fact that woman have suffered tragically to change their looks is sad. They could lose life and limb to look prettier is sad! Every surgery is dangerous but like a smoker, they don't care. They must change their looks to be a better version of themselves.

The film makers definitely hit upon insecurities with body shame due to childhood trauma and how this plays into adult insecurities but for me this movie made me very sad.

Cameos by Michael Jackson, Lisa Lampanelli, Kathy Griffin, and many more add to the wonderful documentary that should really have us scratching our heads wondering I thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder?

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