Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Sunday Is Grandparent's Day - Send Something From Gourmet Gift Baskets/Discount CODE Available

Every year, Grandparent's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday. The holiday was the inspiration of Marian McQuade who had hoped that this would be a day that family flocked to the nursing home of their older relatives. The holiday become official in 1978 when President Jimmy Carter proclaimed it a National Holiday. If we are fortunate enough to have grandparents, spending time with them is important but if we cannot due to schedules, distance or more then sending them something that says, we are thinking of you can truly turn a lonely day into something wonderful. Who doesn't love receiving packages. In the past five years I have used Gourmet Gift Baskets for Care Packages to my niece at college, my niece who broke her collar bone, Father's Day to my dad, Mother's Day for grandma, Grandparents Day and a gift for my uncle besides receiving a Christmas Tree, Santa Cookie and more as gifts from other to me. They are company I have come to know and love. I count on the fact that they will send my gifts out timely and they will always be fresh, protected and special.

Here are just two of the baskets my grandparents would love!

They don't only have baskets they have CHEESECAKE! Cheesecake that is shipped perfectly with dry ice and in a protected box to ensure that the slices arrive ready for being plated.

The cheesecake was truly amazing. I received a Chocolate Lover's Sample Pack with 8 slices.

I shared with some friends who stopped by and we LOVED it!!!!

We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa last month and brought them the Housewarming Gift Italian with:

 · Basilico Pasta Sauce by Cucina & Amore - 16.8 oz. - Only the finest and freshest ingredients go into this pasta sauce - vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil combine to make this traditional sauce that originates from the northern Italian region of Liguria.
· Fiesta Fioretti Pasta by Pasta Partners - 12 oz. - This handmade all-natural artisan pasta is formed into beautiful, oversized rustic shapes that expertly holds your favorite sauce.
· Basil Pesto Alla Genovese by Cucina & Amore - 7.9 oz. - Pesto Alla Genovese is prepared with fresh basil, crushed garlic, grated Grana Padano cheese, pine nuts &sunflower oil and makes a wonderful pasta sauce, pizza topping, marinade for seafood or simply used as a dip.
· Red Stainless Steel Colander - It's not very often that the old pot and lid trick is successful at straining pasta.  But, lucky for your recipient, they won't have to do that for years after you send this sturdy, high quality strainer.
· Pistachio Biscotti by Cucina & Amore - 6.3 oz. - A traditional Italian classic baked according to an antique family recipe, these pistachio biscotti are wonderful by themselves or dipped into coffee or tea.

They don't cook a lot anymore in their late 90s but this was stuff that was simple for them and they even gave me the Basil Pesto Sauce (Oh Maria take this, Grandpa doesn't like pesto), which has become my favorite addition to everything. Whenever I am about to bread something I add it to my egg wash!

So...don't forget your grandparents this Sunday! They will love you know matter what you send even if it is a card or simply a phone call but why not send them a care package from Gourmet Gift Baskets, you may even get something out of it. 

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion.  My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a company’s description or request. I am not employed by any company I review for. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. Sending a gift basket is a really good idea to Grandpa and Grandma. They would really love getting something sweet!

  2. that basket looks amazing,,love the cheesecake,,made me hungry just looking at all that good food


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