Thursday, August 18, 2016

Unplug Your Family With A Little Game Time - Part 2 - Gigamons

Yesterday I mentioned a new game from Blue Orange called Fast Flip that I high recommend for Family Game Night, today I have another called Gigamons.

Spending time with your kids is very important. They are here and gone before you know it spending time friends and eventually a significant other so make the best of your time together. Family Game Night is a perfect way for everyone to unplug and spend time in each other's company. This game is really fun and it took us about 2 games to learn it but since it is basically a 15 minute game that wasn't bad.

Basically it is a memory game with powers. Kind of like Pokemon and other card games but this one is scaled down to be enjoyed by everyone from age 6+

Set up the cards in a 3x3x3 face down grid. On your turn, you will look at 2 of the face-down Elemons on the table, revealing them to all players. If you find a matching pair they are yours along with the unique special powers that go along with them. (don't worry you will get a card to help you with the powers). When you have three of the same Elemon you receive the corresponding Gigamon. Get 3  Gigamons and you win the game!

  • Memory
  • Focus and attention
  • Problem solving
The girls definitely had a great time at last week's sleepover. Goddess loved that a box of games arrived just as they were having lunch. They quickly started playing which made this mom really happy to see them off their phones, computers and Kindles.

I highly recommend this game and all Blue Orange games

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