Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Birthday Celebration Continued

This past weekend for my 50th Birthday my husband, kids and I headed to Mt. Fuji and Hibachi restaurant that is out of our price range but worth the experience.

My 11 year Goddess has been dying to go because all her friends have gone and talked about it so I was very thankful my husband agreed to it.

There is so much to look at and they do a great job of entertaining you while cooking although sometimes it is a little hokey.

I love the food and drink as well as the time spent with my family.

50 came quick so I am quite frightened of how fast the next 10 years will go but hope to enjoy every single one of them.

Unfortunately I was so busy eating I failed to get a photo of my dinner.

Taken by my daughter

My daughter's dinner

YUMMY Green Tea Ice Cream
It may be a while till we come back as the price is more than we can handle on normal family outings but one day....

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  1. (Birthday Celebration Continued) Awesome Maria, it looks like your family had a great time together too. Happy Be-lated 50th Birthday Girl! (don't sweat it cause you got this) and the time does go by way too fast. Next year will be my big 60. (yuck)

  2. Good to see you had great birthday celebration.


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