Monday, June 06, 2016

Learning CPR is More Than Just a Little Important


Babies are fragile to begin with. Now imagine the scene either close to home or when you’re out in a public, whereby a baby suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Would you know what to do other than call 9-1-1?

For millions of people, the answer unfortunately is no.

That said it doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, millions of individuals could become CPR-certified right out of their homes.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know CPR, think about changing that moving forward. When you do, you could end up saving one or more people’s lives.

Gaining Important Knowledge
For starters, many people likely feel that becoming certified in CPR is all but impossible, mostly due to work and/or school schedules. 

As a result, they miss out on gaining knowledge, knowledge that could mean the difference between life and death for an adult or even a baby.

To change that feeling, here are some tips to remember:

1.    Time and effort – In order to obtain baby CPR certification, you don’t need to quit your job and/or cut college classes etc. In many instances, you can take online classes and attain your certification right from your home. To begin with, finding the right organization may take a little time, but they’re out there if you make the effort to locate them. After you find the one you’re most comfortable with, then the next step is getting signed-up and beginning the studying process.

2.    Test your knowledge and skills – Once you begin studying for your CPR exams, make sure to prep yourself so you are fully prepared to take the all-important test. Knowing things such as different terms related to CPR and the cardiovascular system etc. are very important. You also need to differentiate the signs between when a baby is coughing or having trouble catching their breath (this can be due to choking etc.) and when they have gone into sudden cardiac arrest.

3.    Exam time – Once it is time for the exams, you need to obtain at least an 85 percent score to receive your CPR certification. Make sure you have studied and not rushed into your exams.

4.    CPR certification – With your CPR certification in-hand, it is important to keep your eyes and ears open for any possible occasions when you may need to put those skills into action at a moment’s notice. If you’re already a parent, you know how fragile babies are to start with. It is imperative even though you are now certified in CPR that you take extra special care with a baby when he or she is in distress. Unlike most adults who have stronger muscles and of course fat in the areas of the stomach, chest, upper body, babies are still in a process of formation at those early ages. Doing CPR on a child too forcibly could do more harm than good in the long run. The goal of course with CPR is to keep the baby alive and breathing until medical professionals arrive on the scene to provide assistance.

5.    Encourage others – Finally, do you have family, friends, co-workers etc. who could benefit from getting certified in CPR? If so, encourage them to take the time to learn this life-saving technique. As you likely know from your own experiences, it can seem at times like there are never enough hours in a day. That said making time for something as critical as CPR is definitely worth one’s time. While you may never have to use CPR down the road (hopefully that will be the case), having the skills to deploy it are invaluable. If one or more people you know are hesitant to make the time for learning CPR, just show them the difference it could make in saving a young life (not to mention adults) one day.

Losing a child can be a crushing experience for not only the parents, but many others around them.

By having CPR certification in your back pocket, you increase the chances that you might one day be the difference between life and death not only for the baby in distress, but also his or her parents who don’t know CPR.

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