Monday, June 06, 2016

Double Pool Party = Twice The Fun!

Goddess says she looks like she is trying to poop! LOL

My daughter and her bestie have birthdays only one week to the day apart. This year they mentioned doing a double party and while I hadn't considered doing a party when my friend (the girl's mom) asked what I thought, I figured, why not!

We had a great time yesterday although I must admit in the first two hours I was nervous about all the kids in the pool thinking I need to watch them like a hawk what if someone can't swim well or if they dive into each other but eventually I saw that all was fine and I could chill out and actually speak to others who were at the party.

My daughter had a great time and can't wait to go back to her friend's grandparents house (they were nice enough to allow us to us their amazing yard and pool).
Goddess in the center splashing classmate
Goddess getting ready to put on her googles. Massive black and blue on her forehead today from them
Goddess trying not to drown on the left by the ladder
Trying to get everyone in for a photo
Selfie Stick shot

Goddess and her beasties

It was so much fun. I am sad that she is now 11 and miss my baby but so happy she has great friends.


  1. A very nice birthday sharing. The pool's water so bright and blue. Appears everyone enjoyed the party.

  2. This pool party rocks. How fun for the birthday girls. The photos are awesome and I am sure this will be a birthday party to remember.

    Happy Blue Monday. We just arrived home from vacation yesterday. Late catching up. Thank you for joining my blog party.


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