Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Super Rawr by Todd H. Doodler

"Today is career day at school!

I am wearing my superhero cape and belt.

Hello, my name is SUPER RAWR!"

It's career day at school, and RAWR the T-rex wants to be a superhero. SUPER RAWR to the rescue!
SUPER RAWR is a dinosaur who can jump over tall buildings (blocks) and save the day! Preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten children will RAWR with laughter, and career day will never be the same. In the end, RAWR likes just being himself--at least until he goes to sleep and dreams of being an astronaut.

"Super Rawr!" has a cloth cover with a cape and superhero outfit! Young superhero and dinosaur enthusiasts will love RAWR and SUPER RAWR!

The 411:

In this book about a young dinosaur we see our hero T-Rex talking about all the things it takes to be a superhero. He is big and strong and wears a cape.

Kids will enjoy this special career day presentation of T-Rex. Nothing scary about this guy as he stands in front of his class explaining all things superhero.

Color graphics and one sentence per page is perfect for young readers.

To Pre-Order:

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  1. This is a excellent initiative by the school.

  2. how cute this book is,,my grands would love this


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