Thursday, May 26, 2016

Having The Period Talk!

It's going to happen. Our babies will one day get their period and it will mean things are different. She is no longer a little girl but a young woman who has the potential to one day get pregnant but before any of that...there is the talk!

Young girls should never not have the talk. Someone in their life needs to tell them the changes they will be experiencing in their body. The changes can be scary or embarrassing to some girls but they MUST know. 

You may not know how to open the conversation but for me it was an easy one. I started leaving my tampon box on the toilet hoping that my 7-8 year old girl would ask a question. She did. I knew she would.  The conversation was very basic. It is something mommy needs every month. Around the time she was 8 or 9 I shouted something like "I didn't know it was coming today." She was close by which I already knew and asked what was coming and I told her "my period! Thankfully I have these. Please leave the bathroom I need to use one." I just planted little seeds until she had all the information she needed.. Since 7 until now 11 I have educated her enough that she knows what it is, why we get it and has an emergency pouch in the bottom of her backpack in case she gets it at school.  

If your daughter is pubescent now is the time to have the talk. 

There are ways to know she is ready or at least that you should start planting the seeds of wisdom.

How do you know if your daughter is in puberty:
1. Breast Development (sometimes they hurt)
2. Hair Growth (under armpits, between their legs)
3. Vaginal Discharge (sometimes whitish and sometimes yellowish)

4. Growth spurt
5. Body Odor

I wish you luck because I know I am going to need it with this one.

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