Thursday, May 26, 2016

Woodfiber Wash Cloths For Cleaning

I received a box of 5 natural wood fiber towels three days ago. Besides loving the colors I am so interested in how they make them. Really 95% wood fiber?   They are really pretty and if you didn't know better when you opened the box you would think they were soft, cuddly baby washcloths because of the colors. Blue, pink, yellow and purple. 

They measure 9"x7" (although the description says 9x8) and are really thick.

We have used them to clean up a spill, of water all over the counter and to dust our wood and even our ceiling fan. 

The fibers are really dense which makes them hold the dust as you are cleaning. I hate when I am dusting and see dust float away. It's like why bother. 

Their product description says they are good for grease, spills, car, counter, sink and more. I would not use them on grease as they are so pretty I don't to dirty them. 

So far to clean them we have just rinsed and left them to air dry. Working like a charm. 

BTW they are pretty enough to be used as a drop cloth for a bracelet I needed to take a photo of.

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