Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Father's Day Is Coming. How About Some Headphones?

We LOVE headphones in this house and even with a few sets someone is always looking for a pair.  These are our favorites. 

If Dad likes ear buds, these are the way to go. 

Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds/Headset with Mic for iOS, Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphones 

  Comfortable and stylish. Comes with a few different size buds to fit your ear size. Instructions are simple and had no issues connecting to my

phone. Sound quality is great and easy to control with the buttons on the microphone. The only "con" for me is that while the wire is much shorter than most headphones, there is still a wire hanging below your chin, which makes them not ideal for use while exercising.

For Gamer Dad these are super cool and light up.

KOTION Gaming Headset Mic Stereo Bass

These Kotion Headset for AWESOME!

My son loves using them for gaming and Skyping and I love using them to listen to music and blocking the kids out.

They are really comfortable to wear with extra padding on the ears that not only makes them comfy on your ears but blocks out all the noise around me.

The headset is really comfortable, flexible and adjustable to any size head.

We didn't know that the mic came out so that you can adjust it to your liking until after the video but it can extend about 3.5 inches. My son loves it I think it is because he sees it in front of his mouth instead of something on the side of your headphones where you don't feel like you are being heard.

Don't ask me specifics like the sensitivity levels but I know that I love the way it looks and feels and it is really loud! I love that there is a volume level on the cord which makes turning it low for the kids easier than trying to find something on the headset.


The cord is over 6 feet long and has nylon overlay which I feel reduces the knots I get in all my cords.

It is a great headset! 

Just wants a plug and play

AILIHEN C8 Lightweight Foldable Headphone with Microphone

These Ailihen C8 headphones are really great.


They are lightweight, comfortable and completely fold-able. We love the color and the fact that they are plug and play. We always forget to charge things and this is perfect. Always a pair ready to go.

For the price they have great sound and we love that you can adjust the volume from a switch on the cord instead of the headset which you can never find fast enough.

For a small headset they adjust to anyone's size and have great padding.

To Purchase:

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary/discounted product for my honest opinion.  My reviews are 100% honest and true based on my personal opinion not on a company’s description or request. No monetary compensation was received.

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  1. This is nice love to give this as a fathers day gift


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