Thursday, May 26, 2016

I Finally Have My Own Mermaid Tail

For Goddess' 11th birthday we got her a mermaid tail blanket. She loved it and so did I! When she would go to sleep for the night I grabbed it and took it to the couch so I could use it. I now have one of my own from HugHapy and I like it even better than the one I got for her and I think so does she as I keep finding her in it!

It looks like my berber carpet in blue shades
The blanket is 100% knitting polyester. Polyester as you know is wrinkle and mold resistant and easily washed. When you buy a blanket that is exactly what you need. Something I can toss in the wash when necessary. Not a dry clean only thing!

The blanket comes wrapped in a ribbon and love the colors in it. So soothing and beautiful. It also comes with a cute mermaid necklace too.

My absolute favorite part is the tail. It spreads out so wide and has an opening so if you want to stick your toes out you can.

My daughter thinks it is like a sleeping bag. I love that unlike a sleeping bag there is a large opening in the bag that makes it easy to get in and out of and NO ZIPPER.

It is soft and comfy and we love it. We will be sitting at the drive in with our mermaid tails this summer on the cooler evenings watching the movies on the big screen.

I can't wait.

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