Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Our Newest Toy! Sphero #Sphero #smarttoy - GREAT FATHER'S DAY GIFT!

Ooooohhhh we are having some fun with our newest little guy. Meet our new robot Sphero.

Here is some information from the company.

Key Messages
·         Sphero is the world’s first robotic ball that kids age 8+ can control from their smartphone or tablet. Sphero can drive in any direction, turn on a dime, flip in the air, change colors and more!

·         Sphero melds the virtual world with reality, letting kids engage with technology like never before.  Sphero provides hands-on, open-ended play for hours of fun and learning.  

·         Sphero rolls a speedy 7 feet per second and pairs to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Sphero is pet proof, waterproof, and ready for any adventure your kids can dream of.

·         With over 30 free apps, kids can play independently or with friends and family.  Steer Sphero through homemade obstacle courses, turn your living room into a video game with augmented reality, or upgrade family game night with action-packed, multiplayer entertainment.

·         Sphero is on a mission to make learning fun and inspire the innovators of tomorrow.  Check out the Sphero SPRK (Schools, Parents, Robots, Kids) program which helps kids understand the basics of programming, robotics and math.  Visit for more information.

·         Sphero can be picked up and used as a 3D mouse. Hold Sphero in your hand to control on-screen games like Nyan Cat Space Party or Exile.

·         Each Sphero comes with a Quick Start guide, two ramps, a charging base, and information on how to download dozens of apps on iTunes and Google Play.

·         Sphero is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can find Sphero at for $129.99.

·         Promotion alert! From May 30 through June 15, celebrate Father’s Day with a $99 Sphero 2.0 special.  

·         Get all the latest news and updates on Sphero at and

·         Don’t forget your Nubby! Protect your Sphero against the elements with custom Nubby Covers. Not only do Nubby Covers protect against scratches and scuffs, they also give you unbeatable traction. Nubby covers are available in four unique hues. You can find Nubby Covers on for $14.99


The 411: We are completely in love with our little Spero. The kids and I have gotten pretty good at controlling Sphero and take him everywhere. It is like having a toy, a game and a pet with you wherever you go. 

This is my favorite Goddess and Sphero video. Goddess thinks it is hysterical.

What we love most: 

  • Sphero is a robot 
  • Sphero is fun and easy to use
  • There are so many games to play alone or with friends
  • Everywhere we go, it's like we are the Pied Piper. Kids follow the ball, laughing. It is so funny to watch how they gravitate to it. 
  • Cats and dogs will love playing with Sphero.  I can't wait until I can try this out with someone who has a cat. 
  • You can change Sphero to whatever color you want. 
  • My kids LOVE it. 
  • In an electronic world kids aren't playing with toys as long as when I was a kid. This combines two of kids favorite toys. Your cell phone and a toy. All you need is a Blue Tooth connection.
  • The apps are easy and fun.
  • Charging doesn't take long and you get about an hour of fun time.
  • Controlling Sphero is easy to learn. You can have him moving within 1 minute of setting him up.
  • This is a great gift for techie fans, robot fans, gadget fans and electronic fans.

You can get Sphero right now on Amazon for under $100.00. 

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary product for our honest opinion.


  1. This sounds fun for sure!! What will they come up with next!! Interesting toy!! Rita Spratlen

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  3. I've heard about Sphero. I think my kids would be enchanted with what it's able to do. I love that it's a bit customizable and that it learns as it goes along.


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