Friday, June 06, 2014

It Only Took 7 1/2 Months But She Did It!!!!!!!! #parenting

I guess we will be getting our first pet since having kids. 

The end of December Goddess asked for a pet in front of Teach. He said you are not getting a pet until you sleep in your bed for 60 days. I turned to her and said "take him up on that challenge. Prove him wrong."  

She left the room and came back with a chart that had 60 boxes on it and a fish at the bottom.  Challenge on!

She was only able to check off the chart when she woke in her own bed NOT OURS.

Well, here we are in June and I WILL be taking her to pick out a fish over the weekend. 

Yes, we could have made her wait until she was able to do the challenge consecutively for 60 days but she wouldn't have a fish until she moves out at this rate. We are just proud that she stuck to the chart, kept it on her wall, checking it off and not forgetting it EVER.

Photos of Beta Fish coming soon. 


  1. lol Doing the challenge for 60 in a row would be a great way to earn another pet!
    Congratulations, Goddess--I hope you love your fish :)

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